My name is Tom.  I am 78 yrs old.  In 1962, I enlisted into the  US Army with the 8th All-Hawaii Company basic training at Fort Ord, California, during the Vietnam Crisis after graduating from Hilo High School. I received an Honorable Discharge after 3 years of active service and was placed on standby ready reserve status for 3 years.  I attended the Army Signal School  in Fort Gordon, Georgia to become a Radio Repair Specialist, MOS 296. 

Back home as a civilian,  I found a job at a Sounds and  Appliance Store, where I learned to repair stereos,  radios, televisions and small appliances.  After a couple years doing repairs,  I took  a County Civil Service test to become a Fireman.  I rose through the ranks from a firefighter to a Fire/Rescue Captain.  After 13 years of fire service, I  excepted the position  to be the Fire Department’s  first Training/Safety Officer  as a Battalion Chief for 22 years and served as a Mayor- appointed Fire Chief for 2 years.  i returned to my Battalion Chief position, unexpectedly, after the passing of the Mayor. I was assigned to oversee the  operations of the Fire Emergency Dispatchers and the Fire Department Vehicle Maintenance Division. I retired  with  34 years of fire service.  During the later years in the Fire Dept. I joined the Air National Guard as a radio technician.  After serving the military for over 20 years, I earned a Veteran’s Retirement upon reaching age 60.  Currently, I am involved with what this website is all about…creating and building stuffs!