Wall Cabinets

This wall cabinet ( doors removed), located in my bedroom has unexpectedly  attracted termites.   Cabinet doors were free of those wood eaters and will be used on the new cabinet.

I added new features  into the new cabinet shell.  I built and assembled the new cabinet shell, using  treated 3/4 in.  cab-liner, one side white.   Drawer components were constructed with 1/2 in.  two-side white cab-liner.  Note: All  my homemade cabinets have  no ‘fix shelves’ in them.

The “shelves”  in my cabinets, are on 100% pull out drawer slides, providing easy access to all items.  For this cabinet, the storage features consist of a 2 in. deep tray on the bottom and  a book/ folder binder shelf above,  attached to a couple of drawer faces.

New wall cabinet